Michelle Lee, designer

Product designer from Toronto. Designing better experiences for people. Currently on a gap year to learn how to do this better.

Interning at Palantir


Most recently I was a product design intern at Huge, working closely with the team on projects for Canadian brands. I also built an internal guide with Alisha to help Hugers get started with prototyping using Framer Studio.

User Experience Design, Prototyping


I was a product design intern on commerce team at Facebook, designing solutions that help people find things they'll love.

User Experience Design, Prototyping

I was a design intern on platform team at Squarespace, working closely with the team on the new developer platform. I helped redesign the content in some templates in the store, and also concept new templates.

Visual Design, User Experience Design

Together with Kevin and Tina, we concepted an online marketplace that allows people to easily find and exchange their goods and services. Platter was designed to contribute to sustainable development; to reduce waste and prevent accumulation of unused resources.

This project received Finalist, Honorable Mention in Information Design in Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2013.

Strategy, User Experience Design, Prototyping

Users post a good or service they want to offer or a good or service they need. Each post is labelled to clearly indicate whether it is an offer or a need, or both.

Users trade unique goods and services with indeterminable quality and value. For this reason they are asked to review their experience with the offerer instead of rating the exchanged good or service.


As a design consultant at Format I worked closely with the team for their online magazine, ECR (Explore, Create, Repeat). I designed “Make/Design/Shoot in Toronto”, an interactive guide for creative professionals in Toronto. I also helped design ECR Cover Photography, a blog showcasing best of photography daily.

Visual Design, User Interface Design, Illustration

I designed an educational information graphic website in effort to stop the Canadian commercial seal hunt, the largest and most inhumane animal slaughter of marine mammals today.

Visual Design, Illustration, Front-End Development

As a fun side project I built a quick and simple interactive website, where a player can discover a personalized, artistic object based on their visual preferences.

Visual Design, Front-End Development