What's Your Object?

A fun and simple interactive game to discover a personalized, artistic gift.

During one of the design classes I took this past summer, the class went on a walk to collect a bunch of random objects on campus. It was like a treasure hunt, but with an unexpected surprise. With the collected objects, I decided to turn the treasure hunt experience into a playful and enjoyable digital game. To give a twist, the game was designed to gift one a personalized, artistic object based on one's visual preferences.

The project can be viewed in two ways: story mode and filter mode. Like an adventure, story mode asks one to indicate their favourite visual element one at a time. The elements are line, shape, and pattern. At the end of the questions, voilà! One discovers a unique and personalized present!

Filter mode was designed for people who have more than one preference. One can mix and match different visual elements easily and see what each can offer.


  • Design
  • Front-End Development