Michelle Lee is a digital product designer in San Francisco, interested in areas of need.

I'm currently designing at Palantir, working on how people's experiences with data can be more transparent and approachable. Specifically, I'm working on Palantir Gotham, building tools that can help institutions maximize their data to make better-informed decisions. Efforts I've contributed to include: πŸ”¨ improving manufacturing processes, ⛑️ providing aid to Syrian refugees, πŸ’Š developing and delivering effective medicine, and πŸ” uncovering illicit networks around the world.

Prior to Palantir, I studied graphic design at York/Sheridan Program in Design. I took a gap year to develop my knowledge in product design, and was fortunate to do so through internships at Squarespace, Facebook, Huge, and Palantir. In my senior year, I examined how design can help people become more empathetic in online spaces, while continuing to hone my industry skills through freelance work at Format.

I’m always happy to chat about future opportunities – reach me at [email protected]. If you’re feeling curious, you can take a look at my resume, or connect with me on Instagram and Twitter.

Photographed by Charles Lai